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Back to School for Homeless Children by Tanya Tull

August 21, 2012

In 1998,  I first heard Tanya Tull speak about “Housing First”, and I was just blown away.  For a growing number of years, I was increasingly uneasy with policies created in DC or Harrisburg or City Hall because they were unintentionally making homelessness an “acceptable condition” in our society while simultaneously institutionalizing an expensive system which [...]

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SafeHome Philadelphia: A New Day and A New Funder

August 8, 2012

NEW DAY:  While we are extremely proud that Safe Home was named one of nine models in the country for implementing the Housing First strategy, we also strive to improve the model.  A new aspect of Safe Home is that families now participate in the Ready To Rent training created by a group of the [...]

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