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The Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness (PCEH) was established in late 1981 by a group of Center City Philadelphians who convened a city-wide conference to examine ways to stem the tide of homelessness. PCEH became a non-profit corporation in 1982. Since that time, PCEH has employed a three-pronged strategy to eliminate homelessness in Philadelphia.


The Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness was founded in 1982 with the idea of finding long-term solutions to the homelessness problem in the Philadelphia area.

Since its inception, PCEH has constantly worked with federal, state, city and local governments to find practical solutions to ending homelessness. This includes beginning an outreach program and finding ways for governments to reform the way they spend funds on housing, poverty and the homeless.

In 2005, PCEH began a project known as SafeHome Philadelphia, which is based on the Housing-First model. Housing-First is the reverses the traditional order of services then housing, to provide housing first, then necessary services second. This shift acknowledges the importance of a safe place to live in facing all of life’s challenges.

In less than four years, SafeHome Philadelphia has housed more than 75 families and hold an 85% success rate with their clients.

For more information about the history of the Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness, please download our powerpoint presentation or our PDF.

20 Year History

20 Year History


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