Housing Must Come First

Our Mission: Stabilize families who are facing homelessness in an affordable home to help them re-connect with society – before they land in institutional shelters, make-shift housing, or worse.

Housing First, Services Second:
We keep families together, stabilize them in a safe environment, and then work with them to link with services and resources needed to build stability. Sounds logical? Unfortunately, local government prefers the old way: put families in shelter, separate the children, and make individuals “prove” they are housing-ready. But after spending an average of $ 35,000 of your tax dollars per year per family on shelter, without permanence or hope, these families will still be homeless!

Proof that SafeHome Works: We empower families to have hope, pride and purpose. We have placed over 121 low-income families and 300 children into safe and affordable apartments and homes and 86% are stable after one-year!

Our Funding:
We are funded entirely through your tax-deductible donations. We will accept no public funding until local government recognizes that the Housing First strategy, successfully deployed in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere, is working right here in Philadelphia.

Who We Are

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