Philadelphia Church Ordered to Close Shelter

The United Church of Christ, Kensington

The United Church of Christ, Kensington

An outreach shelter in Kensington, the Hope Outreach United Church of Christ, has been ordered to shut its doors by the city’s Department of Licenses and Inspection. Many consider this to be the evil hand of city bureaucracy, but there may be another side to the story. If the shelter was not able to pass inspection, and thus could not obtain the proper permits to continue operation, is thisĀ  really a “good housing” solution for those staying there? Or is this type of shelter just another form of “bad housing”? Perhaps it might be wise to consider whether there could be alternatives to shelters as a viable solution to the homeless problem in our city.

From an Inquirer report:

“It’s clear what should be done here,” said L&I commissioner Fran Burns. “We have to enforce building, zoning, and fire codes.”


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