SafeHome Mother Shares Her Story in Recent Mailing

Last week, The Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness (PCEH) sent out a direct mailing to its long list of supporters. Over 2500 people received the mailing which comprised of a two-page handwritten letter penned by Deanna Marshall, the recent recipient of a home thanks to PCEH’s SafeHome initiative. Deanna eloquently shared her family’s story in the letter while also voicing her opinion on homelessness. When discussing what motivated her to write the letter, Marshall said simply that she wanted to write it, “because of what I see in my community and what I see every day when I walk outside my door.”

They [the homeless] remain in abandoned buildings, cold vehicles, and inadequate shelters; silenced not only out of the fear that their voice will be lost amongst the crowds but also out of the deep fear that no one cares,” Marshall wrote in the mailing. Deanna went on to explain her own success story thanks to the aid and support of SafeHome Philadelphia. “The SafeHome Initiative works with the family to make sure they are staying on a continued path by getting the tools they need to build their future,” said Deanna in a phone interview.
Now an employee of PCEH, Deanna and those at the Philadelphia Committee to End Homeless hope her message will help to support for homeless ending strategies in Philadelphia.
Deanna’s words serve as a great way to convince hundreds that they too can help in the fight to end homelessness. Marshall wrote, “the act of helping someone – of no relation and with no obligation to do so – is true kindness, and it brings a sense of positive change to the world.”

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