SafeHome Philadelphia: A New Day and A New Funder

NEW DAY:  While we are extremely proud that Safe Home was named one of nine models in the country for implementing the Housing First strategy, we also strive to improve the model.  A new aspect of Safe Home is that families now participate in the Ready To Rent training created by a group of the same name in Oregon.  Housing Advocate Mark Vrooman is certified as a trainer; this six hour training covers everything you need to know to be a responsible and smart tenant.   At the same time, Family Advocate Deanna Marshall works with the families to create a living,breathing budget.  Families check their own credit, housing and other histories in anticipation of the research that landlords’ may conduct.

NEW FUNDER:  Board member Christopher Hogg has recruited his business associates to form The Mint Foundation which has contributed $25,000 to cover the direct housing costs for ten families.  They have committed, as well, to a future grant for the same purpose.  We really could not be more grateful.

We must repeat some important financial facts about homeless families:  a homeless shelter stay for one year for one family  costs $35,000.  SafeHome is a much smarter investment.  We know this and are determined to make housing, not shelter, the response to anyone living in unfit and seriously overcrowded conditions.  The cost to children is too high:  homelessness makes them sicker, sadder and slower.  We can do better.

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