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Funding Solutions for a Philadelphia

Without Homelessness

The mission of PCEH is to contribute to ending homelessness in Philadelphia by funding innovative and scalable solutions from nonprofit organizations, community groups and individuals.

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Our Purpose

Driving Change:
Ending homelessness in the Philadelphia area.

PCEH is deeply committed to eradicating homelessness in our city. By channeling our resources into innovative and sustainable solutions, we envision a Philadelphia where everyone has a safe place to call home. Together, we’re transforming lives and building stronger communities.

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people experience homelessness in Philadelphia*


children under 18 experience homelessness in Philadelphia*


youth ages 18-24 experience homelessness in Philadelphia*


of the city’s homeless population is unsheltered*

*Source: City of Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services

Apply For A Grant PCEH is providing grants for unique solutions to combat homelessness in Philadelphia. Apply today to bring your ideas to life and create a meaningful difference in our community!

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Donate today to provide shelter, essential supplies and outreach to Philadelphia’s most vulnerable residents. Your gift will play a crucial role in directly funding safe and dignified shelter for people without a home. All donations are 100% tax deductible and spent 100% on solutions – maximizing the value of your generosity.

Who We Are

Investing in Solutions for a Homeless-Free Philadelphia

PCEH funds innovative projects to end homelessness in Philadelphia by targeting root causes and ensuring lasting impact. Our unique approach focuses on measurable, scalable solutions, making secure housing a reality for Philadelphians in need.

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